Daniel Gradecak

Freelance Alfresco developer

I'm an Alfresco ECM consultant & Java developer from Belgium, currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. For the past 10 years, I've been developing Java and web applications. The last 8 years of those, I have been working primarily with Alfresco ECM along-side companies and organizations (all over Europe) to develop and complete Alfresco applications. As an effective communicator I can normally create a solution that hurdles many obstacles to achieve a mutually accepted notion of success in terms of project delivery

Rapid development

I'd rather be a master of one, than be a 'jack of all trades'. Simply put, Alfresco ECM is what I'm a master of. I have the skills and motivation to start bringing your new project to life, or help you complete your existing one, quickly and securely. Sharing my knowledge to the rest of your team is something I happily do. However, as a system integrator I have to maintain my knowledge on the complete Enterprise Java stack and refresh it with new technologies such as Groovy/Grails or NoSQL.

Seamless integration

If you have an existing development team, I can join them and work along-side them with ease. I will adopt your developers work methods as if I was one of your employed developers, utilizing the same version control system and deployment practices. Also if you are new to Alfresco or Java development sharing my best practices to your current team would simply speed up your development. Speaking English, French and Croatian helps me to solve many language barriers.

Always available

During my office hours, I'm online and available through Skype or any communication channels. You can call me at any time should you need to discuss anything related to the project. Should we be in different timezones, I'll schedule calls frequently with you to discuss progress and direction, during your business hours. Good communication is simply vital. However, working onsite is always an option.