Book review : Service Oriented Java Business Integration

I took some time to read this book and I do not think I lost my so “precious” time. I would say that the book is not intended for Java beginners but more for people with a good technical background and especially with at least, some knowledge of the Java Enterprise world. Never the less, if you are not a […]

Alfresco webscripts with Groovy

After being a little bit disappointed about using Grails in Alfresco (see my post below), I decided to see how could Alfresco be integrated with Groovy. Alfresco introduced a while ago the “webscripts”, with that they added a powerful scripting API based on JavaScript and the Rhino engine. When you add FreeMarker templates to that, what you could get is […]

Grails integration … nice but …

These days I was trying Grails and I have to say that coding by convention with Groovy is very powerful and allows to create new web applications very quickly. It is very helpful when you create a new application because you can change the code without redeploying the whole application as you have to do with a WAR when you […]