Book review : Alfresco Developer Guide

You think you are an Alfresco expert … well, read this book and think again. This is actually my conclusion and I was thinking about only having that sentence in this review, because while reading this you are wasting your precious time as you could read the Alfresco Developer Guide. For sure this is not a book for “Java enterprise” […]

Startup company : iCodix and the Jibe framework

I was pretty busy these days with being involved in a startup openings and now as a co-founder I am glad to announce its name iCodix. Our aim is to provide Java consulting services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, especially based on the Alfresco platform. At this stage, where iCodix is just starting, we have an ajax based UI […]

Service Orchestration and BPM

There is a lot of noise about the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and much less about how to coordinate those services or how to assemble them in a logical structure. A business has no gain if SOA is implemented and that those different services are not linked to each other or orchestrated.The Service Orchestration concept is something that exists for […]

Book review : Service Oriented Java Business Integration

I took some time to read this book and I do not think I lost my so “precious” time. I would say that the book is not intended for Java beginners but more for people with a good technical background and especially with at least, some knowledge of the Java Enterprise world. Never the less, if you are not a […]

Alfresco webscripts with Groovy

After being a little bit disappointed about using Grails in Alfresco (see my post below), I decided to see how could Alfresco be integrated with Groovy. Alfresco introduced a while ago the “webscripts”, with that they added a powerful scripting API based on JavaScript and the Rhino engine. When you add FreeMarker templates to that, what you could get is […]

Grails integration … nice but …

These days I was trying Grails and I have to say that coding by convention with Groovy is very powerful and allows to create new web applications very quickly. It is very helpful when you create a new application because you can change the code without redeploying the whole application as you have to do with a WAR when you […]

Document Management with Alfresco “on rails”

For a couple of month I am working for a large international company, where I am helping on introducing a new and open source document management system. The power of open source and thus of Alfresco opposed to other closed source packages, is the open interfaces and the easiness of adding custom features. Whatever solution you chose, you should be […]

REST and integration … ?

Since REST has been adopted for a long time now it seems that applications integrations are the next step. Usually I thought that integrating different applications should be done via an ESB I am sure now that it is not true. In my opinion any decent application should have different interfaces exposed to the world. One may consider WebServices and […]

The refresh problem of a web page?

I heard many time that people have problems when refreshing a web page. Well, I really do not understand it and I would like that someone points me to a concrete example. I agree totally that a stateless application has problems when doing a page refresh but then I would not call it an application but a service or something […]

Rich Internet Application (RIA)

A non-expert talking about user interfaces should not be taken seriously, but here is some thoughts that came to my mind.Well, a RIA is in fact a Web Application that has the features like a desktop application. A classical web application (let’s call it Web1.0 application) has something that we call web flows, presentations flows or whatever how else somebody […]